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An architecture studio built on creativity and innovation, our shrewd approach to everything ensures constant fulfilment for our clients

Meet our Architects

Exciting times for our fresh, talent-packed company! Though we may be small, our wealth of ideas and experiences infuse vitality into every aspect of our operations. In our eyes, everyone is equal, and we eagerly welcome input from all angles.

At our core, we thrive on the uniqueness of each project. Whether you have a vacant site or are midway through construction, we’re here to explore how we can contribute. Our agile working methods and inventive ideas allow us to seamlessly fit into any situation, always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance your project.

To us, “Bright” signifies approaching every project with curiosity and energy. We aspire to be your favourite architects, delivering a professional service that’s not only top-notch but also fun and enjoyable.

Curious about our methods? Check out our Instagram page, where we document the exciting journey of our projects.

Ewan Tavendale Director/Architect/ARB

Ewan Tavendale


Golf-wannabe, optimistic-realist, office chef/barman, DIY intermediate

Having worked in architectural practices since 2009, Ewan hasn’t quite seen everything the role has to offer, but he’s not too far off. His experience lies mainly in the residential sector, working for a variety of clients from large-scale development sites, down to single-storey rear extensions, and everything in between.

Ewan has worked on commercial projects also, dealing with a diverse variety of stakeholders, fixed costs and timeframes, project programmes and leading large design teams. His busiest period saw him deliver 2 new-build Jaguar Land Rover showrooms, one in Lincoln, one in Cornwall, both on-site at the same time, and with site meetings in the same week of the month, for a whole year!

Ewan believes in finding simple solutions to complex problems, not the other way around. The results should always be beautiful and meet the client’s brief. Communication and inclusivity are at the heart of the design process, he enjoys collaborating with others and feels a sense of project enrichment when everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Away from Bright Studio, Ewan can be found on the golf course, or in the gym. Staying healthy and active is not only fun, but important for staying fresh and motivated. He’d like to say at this point, he also enjoys long walks with his dog, however Ewan is still convincing his wife that a dog is a positive addition to the family!

Adam Adamopoulos Director/Architect/ARB/RIBA

Adam Adamopoulos


The footballer, humanist, office self-defence expert, history lover.

Adam moved from Greece to the UK in 2008.  He still complains about the weather, but has finally embraced Sunday roasts and cups of tea!

Adam has worked in Bristol, London, Chippenham, and Bath for several architecture practices. His experience lies in multiple sectors, such as residential, commercial, mixed-use, retail, and education. He has worked at a variety of scales, from large multiple-unit development sites, down to one-off bespoke houses and extensions. Amongst the numerous projects, there are several which stand out: the new IKEA Exeter, a new build, residential tower block and technical college in Westminster London and several Part Q barn conversions in rural locations in the southwest of England.

Human interaction, collaboration, communication, and inclusivity are key values that Adam takes into every project. His passion lies in creating new spaces and habitats that are tailored to the client’s needs and desires. By including clients in every aspect of the project, it creates an environment that makes the design process an enjoyable experience for everyone. Adam adds the design knowledge, you are adding your thoughts, ideas and aspirations.

When not working, you will find Adam either training for Sunday league football, getting bruised during Krav Maga sessions, or relaxing at a swimming pool. He believes in the healthy mind/healthy body mantra. Adam is a big history lover And passionate about building conservation, he is always struggling to house his ever-expanding history book collection. Adam also serves as a RIBA mentor for the bachelor students of Architecture, at Bath University.