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Bright Ideas

Striving to know more and a sense of wonder constantly influences our work and the evolution of the design studio.

Our Architectural Services

The team have a wide range of skills and abilities, and we are always interested to explore new avenues of work and potential. Here are some of the services we offer:

New-build construction

Property extensions and renovations

Office to residential conversions

Part Q Barn Conversions

Measured surveys

Sustainable design work

Retail, mixed-use and education projects

Conservation and listed building design

Green belt design projects

3D visualisations  

HMO applications and design work

And so much more!

We are based in Somerset, but we cover a wide area of the south west and beyond. Get in touch if you are unsure if we serve your area.

Below we have outlined a typical project and the stages involved. It is based on the RIBA plan of work, which is available to view here. Each phase of the project is categorised into three stages, which relates to our typical fee structure.

RIBA LINK: https://www.architecture.com/knowledge-and-resources/resources-landing-page/riba-plan-of-work


RIBA Stage 1 – Preparation and Briefing

We will meet you at the outset to understand the project and what you want to achieve. Understanding your brief is of paramount importance to progress with a positive journey through the project.

RIBA Stage 2 – Concept Design

We will put pen to paper and start design the concept for your scheme. Sharing our design proposals and communicating with you about them is the key to achieving a desirable outcome.


RIBA Stage 3 – Spatial Co-ordination

Journeying towards the key milestone of Planning Approval, we will add more detail to the drawings and co-ordinate the final package of information with other consultants, and of course, with you also.

RIBA Stage 4 – Technical Design

With planning approval secured, we move onto the technical design stage. Further detail is added to the proposals, describing all aspects of the scheme, and making the information suitable for Building Regulations approval and a contractor to price from. Further co-ordination with other consultants and designers is embraced during this stage.


RIBA Stage 5 – Construction

Everything is set for the construction work to start. We are on hand to support you in whatever capacity during this phase. From ad-hoc site visits when needed to a full programme Of site-inspections and contract administration. It is up to you.

RIBA Stage 6 – Handover

By this point you will be in habiting your new space. We will return to take some snazzy photos and check everything is as you imagined it would be. We will be on hand to assist with anything you need.